Sample Preparation

Uncover the functional subsets of cells and unlock powerful correlative data with our proven and published sample preparation protocols

Getting Started

IsoSpeak Software: See how IsoPlexis’ validated sample preparation protocols make enrichment and stimulation work for you

Presented by: Jens Eberlein, PhD, Sr. Field Application Specialist

Technology Webinar: Getting started with Sample Preparation on the IsoLight System

Utilize IsoPlexis’ Validated Sample Preparation Protocols Across Many Use Cases

Tech Note: Comprehensive Protocol and Data List

  • Apply various T-cell and other immune cell protocols from the blood and tissue in various immunotherapy types
  • Apply engineered T and NK cell protocols that meet your needs from pre-infusion to monitoring
  • See our protocols in vaccines, autoimmune disease & other emerging areas
Sample Preparation Process

Detail Supporting Successful Use

Step 1 Sample Enrichment


Sample Enrichment: Phenotypes of interest are isolated

Step 2 Cell Staining


Cell Staining: Cells are fluorescently labeled

Step 3 Cell Stimulation


Cell Stimulation: Stimulation to fit your cell type and use case, in accordance with established protocols

Step 4 Run


Automated analysis: Sample suspension is loaded into the IsoCode chips. The IsoLight images the chips for cell detection, incubates, conducts ELISA protocol, and images for signal

Sample Prep: Access Our Protocols
  • Achieve critical correlates to in vivo data with our published enrichment, stimulation, and staining protocols throughout immunotherapy types and indications
  • Access protocols that minimize the impact on the live cells analyzed on the IsoLight System
  • Review guidelines for the most commonly used cell types and applications
  • Quickly get started in sample prep using our intuitive and easy-to-use technology, backed by our team of support pros
Sample Prep: Getting Started with Key Details
  • Discover the functional cell subsets that make a difference and achieve your project goals
  • Access key sample prep protocols and helpful guidelines on enrichment, stimulation, and staining
  • Review published stimulation plans and precedent data connecting to in vivo physiology across research areas
  • Follow this sample prep methodology to quickly gather data and ensure success in each run
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