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Unleash the power of single-cell biology and access the true functional immune response of single cells with the revolutionary award-winning IsoLight

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Technology Overview Webinar Series

The IsoLight delivers automated readouts into the IsoSpeak. Watch the technology overview webinar to see our automated end-to-end workflow.

Run the IsoLight

Our award-winning single-cell system delivers what you need the most across the board: high-quality results, while saving time and resources

IsoLight automates each step: from imaging, to incubation, to reagents and washing

You’re aware of each step throughout the process, thanks to the intuitive user interface, and the LED beams to let you know project status

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Learn more about our award-winning IsoLight system

  • Answers in days, not weeks with advanced fluidics and integrated software
  • Built-in quality controls, platform wide
  • Parallel chip processing to batch experiments, conditions, controls, etc.
  • Comprehensive data exploration with publication quality graph export
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IsoLight: A single-cell, secreted protein analysis system

IsoLight Kits

Prepare your samples using one of our highly validated protocols then let IsoLight do the rest

IsoCode Chip
  • Turnkey enrichment, stimulation, and staining protocols for a variety of critical cell types and biological scenarios
  • Automated, parallelized sample processing, data generation, and result visualization including:
    • Live cell separation and incubation
    • Cell imaging
    • Proteomic imaging
    • Data analysis and visualization
    • Statistical comparisons
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