Project Plan

Leverage a deep support network, well-established protocols, and generate powerful data that relates to in vivo immune activity and true functional immune cell biology.

Application Highlight

Employing PSI™ to Identify Optimal Bi-Specific Antibody Candidates

  • Learn how PSI can help you reveal functional immune-tumor interaction and mechanism of therapy to advise lead choice.

  • Highlight the use of IsoPlexis’ Polyfunctional Strength Index, PSI™, a single-cell cytokinebased metric of cellular potency, in the context of pre-clinical assessment of bispecific antibodies
  • Identify subtle differences in quality of novel bispecific antibody constructs relative to controls, utilizing the PSI of the potent T cell subsets engaged
Next Steps

Work with IsoPlexis’ leading support team to get started with the IsoLight today

  • Our expert support team has a deep understanding of cell therapy and immunotherapy based applications for single-cell polyfunctional profiling
  • Get the most out of your IsoLight system to uncover true functional immune cell biology and discover the functional cell subsets making a difference
  • Accelerate your programs and decision making with powerful functional single cell analysis and correlates to in vivo response
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