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  • From discovery to the clinic: IsoPlexis’ single-cell polyfunctional strength solution has been helping researchers capture unique potency and durability metrics that correlate to in vivo activity
  • IsoSpeak data visualizations have appeared in over 50 publications and presentations to date
  • Explore, compare, and aggregate single-cell data in your lab with IsoSpeak
The IsoPACE Program Provides Multiple Levels of Support

Pick up the PACE of of your advanced software analysis & propel your critical projects forward with IsoPACE


  • Access to knowledgebase, best practices, and validated protocols generated by our expert team
  • Remote support within the first month after installation


  • Customized protocols working with our expert team
  • Direct informatics support
  • Project based customer site FAS support and IsoPlexis in house validation options available
IsoSpeak Data Visualizations

Datasets from IsoSpeak software are generating correlates to in vivo physiology across multiple research areas

A unique set of visualizations shows the impact of polyfunctionality and what it’s made up of, including:

  • Percentage polyfunctional cells
  • Individual cell secreted cytokine intensities
  • Color coded polyfunctional strength index
  • Single-cell polyfunctional profile heat map
  • Polyfunctional Activation Topology-PCA (PAT-PCA)

Manage wider projects:

  • Toggle which data subsets are visualized and make customizations in the intuitive dashboard
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