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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, what does your technology do and why is it relevant?

IsoPlexis' platform uses live single cell secretion profiling to determine the functional capacity of a given cell population. The utility of this novel approach to immune function profiling has already been shown to be extremely valuable in the immuno-oncology space by predicting patient outcome in different retrospective studies where other methods could not (e.g., flow cytometry, bulk assays). Click here for a list of publications.

You have won two technology awards in 2017 and even an industrial design award. So what?

Yes! IsoPlexis’ platform was recognized as The Scientist's and Fierce Life Sciences' #1 innovation of 2017, acknowledging the truly innovative nature of our assay and technology. Furthermore, we strongly believe winning the Red Dot design award in 2018 reflects the high level of thought, attention to detail and dedication that went into every step of developing our technology. The next step is for you to experience this leap in technology innovation and elevate your data!

Who is using your technology?

Many of the leaders in the biopharma and academia immuno-oncology space are using our technology to support their R&D and translational studies. Other emerging applications, such as vaccine development, autoimmunity and profiling tumor inflammation are gaining momentum. See our Research Areas for more information.

What are IsoCode chips?

The single-use IsoCode chips are at the core of our technology and required to run our single-cell profiling assays on the fully automated IsoLight instrument. See our Chips & Consumables Support Page and kit pages for more details!

What does the IsoLight instrument do?

The IsoLight instrument automates IsoPlexis' highly multiplexed, single-cell, functional profiling platform centered around the IsoCode chip technology. Check out our IsoLight Product Page and our Instrumentation Support Page for more details.

What's IsoSpeak?

IsoSpeak is a software package for IsoLight data analysis. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for the downstream analysis of single-cell data obtained through the IsoLight platform. Check out our IsoSpeak Product Page and our Software & Informatics Support Page for more details.

How can I evaluate whether your technology is right for me?

We offer small pilot studies on a collaborative basis for you to evaluate our system. For academic institutions, the data generated from these studies is often used to apply for an equipment grant. Please contact us to further discuss your interest.

Do you offer fee-for-service?

We offer fee-for-service for the pharmaceutical space.

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