We're excited to announce the combination of Berkeley Lights and IsoPlexis, bringing together the Beacon and IsoSpark platforms to form the premier functional cell biology company. Visit Site

Introducing the New IsoSpark

Accelerate immune medicine across research areas & high-impact applications and discover immune profiling insights unattainable with any other system!

All in one, beautifully designed and intuitive system that fits on your lab bench.


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What's Inside

In this we discuss:

Discover the right system for your lab’s throughput and immune landscaping needs
Review the tech overview and key design elements of the new IsoSpark
Learn about the three core applications supported by the system
Peak at the key visualizations and data insights IsoSpark has to offer
A Deeper Look

More about this

Superpowered Innovations Packed in a System with Only 18" in Footprint

Discover the three engineering innovations that superpower the IsoSpark:

  1. Software-Enabled Optics
  2. Fluidics-Enabled Flow Cells
  3. Deep Hardware Connection with the Software
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