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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the IsoLight instrument do?

The IsoLight instrument automates IsoPlexis' highly multiplexed high-throughput single cell functional profiling platform centered around the IsoCode chip technology. Up to 8 IsoCode chips can be run at the same time yielding sample-to-answer in as little as 20 hours and 4 hours, respectively. The integrated IsoSpeak software automates data processing and analysis. Please visit our IsoLight Product Page for more details.

How difficult is it to use your instrument?

Using the IsoLight is very easy compared to other single cell technologies, thanks to the plug-and-play design with fully automated sample processing and bioinformatics pipeline, which was recognized with a coveted Red Dot Design Award for high design quality.

Can I use the IsoLight system as a diagnostic tool?

No, the IsoLight platform is research use only (RUO).

Can I lease an IsoLight instead of purchasing one?

 No, unfortunately we do not offer a lease program.

Do you sell the IsoLight outside of the USA?

How long does a run take on the IsoLight?

The run time depends on the number and type of chip. For IsoCode chips, the run duration is approximately 20 hours for 4 chips and 24 hours for 8 chips. For CodePlex chips, a single chip can analyze up to 6 samples. The sample-to-answer time is approximately 4 hours for 1 chip and 10 hours for 8 chips (up to 48 samples).

Can the IsoLight detect cell surface markers?

Yes, up to 3 surface markers can be detected, although we recommend one surface marker per chip, to maximize single-cell counts. We provide validated surface marker staining cocktails for use with the IsoLight system.

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