IsoSpeak: Data Visualization Software for IsoLight

Visualize how each immune cell is functionally communicating & contributing to orchestrating response

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IsoSpeak Reveals Immune Insight

Use IsoSpeak to turn up the volume on the small groups of polyfunctional cells that drive the correlations that matter

Visualize: Make sense of complex single-cell data with intuitive and meaningful visualizations automatically generated for you.

Answer: Connect the dots and get answers faster, with detailed informatics & statistics on cellular potency and durability, all at your fingertips.

Organize: Save time with the latest in-software sample annotations & project organization for immunotherapy workflows.


Follow Our Data: Leading Visualization Tools

See the powerful visualizations that can take you through your data analysis workflow from start to finish

PSI Composition
Functional Heat Map
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Visualize Your Data

An immersive, single cell data analysis environment that gets you to what you care about most: the answers

Gain data mastery quickly with an easy to use interface
  • Fully automated, parallelized image processing handles data extraction and quality control
  • Sample annotation & project organization for immunotherapy workflows
  • End to end informatics and statistics that enables comparison & correlation across your experiments
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IsoSpeak Software
Cytokine Intensity
See the answers clearly and share your insights
  • Powerful and unique immune polyfunction visualizations that simplify complex single-cell data sets
  • Exploration of functional contributions and secretion level down to individual cells with toggle dashboard
  • Automated data exporting tools give publication ready figures & raw data
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Single-Cell Cytokine Visualizations

Stratify & Correlate

Identify the Most Potent Cell Subsets in Your Samples

Our award-winning, single-cell system effortlessly delivers the data you need.

See How

Datasets from IsoSpeak software are generating correlates to in vivo physiology across multiple research areas

A unique set of visualizations shows the impact of polyfunctionality and what it’s made up of, including:
  • Percentage of polyfunctional cells
  • Individual cytokine intensities secreted by single cells
  • Color-coded polyfunctional strength index

  • Single-cell polyfunctional profile heat map
  • Polyfunctional Activity Topography (PAT)
  • PCA
  • Toggle which data subsets are visualized and make customizations in the intuitive dashboard
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IsoSpeak Software
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