Data Visualization Software for IsoLight

Visualize how each immune cell is functionally communicating & contributing to orchestrating response.

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IsoSpeak Reveals Immune Insight

Use IsoSpeak for automated on-site analysis and advanced, functional, single cell mapping:

  • Visualize: Make sense of complex single-cell data with intuitive and meaningful visualizations automatically generated for you.

  • Answer: Connect the dots and get answers faster, with detailed informatics & statistics on cellular potency and durability, all at your fingertips.

  • Organize: Save time with the latest in-software sample annotations & project organization for immunotherapy workflows. 

IsoSpeak Data Visualization
Push-Button Informatics to Accelerate Your Workflows
Visualize Your Data
Unique Visualization Options
A unique set of visualizations shows the impact of polyfunctionality and what it’s made up of, including:
  • 3D t-SNE cell mapping

  • Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI™)

  • Single-cell polyfunctional heat map

  • Percentage of polyfunctional cells

  • Individual cytokine intensities secreted by single cells

  • Polyfunctional Activity Topography (PAT) PCA

  • Toggle which data subsets are visualized and make customizations in the intuitive dashboard

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IsoSpeak UI_1200x917_tSNE
Utilize t-SNE to differentiate cellular fitness by cytokine subset

The single cell cytokine mapping t-SNE provides a 3D visualization of single-cell functional cytokines and a high dimensional mapping of the unique polyfunctional cell subsets.

Discover cell product potency differences with polyfunctional strength (PSI) cytokine signatures

Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI) aggregates all single-cell, multi-dimensional secretions from a sample into a single index. The readout combines the polyfunctionality of a sample (frequency of cells secreting multiple cytokines) with the signal intensities for each single cell across the secreted cytokines of the sample. The displayed index is color-coded to show the contribution from different categories of cytokines (e.g., effector vs. stimulatory cytokines).

IsoSpeak UI_1714x1020_PSI
IsoSpeak UI_1714x1020_PatPCA (1)
Stratify donor/patient response by cellular cytokine signature using polyfunctional PCA

Dominant sub groups will emerge in PAT PCA graphs, representing significant multi-functional subsets driving the overall response.

Group bioprocessing correlations by potent polyfunctional cells

Use Heterogeneity Heat Maps to uncover the critical cell subpopulations that exist only in the condition/group of interest.

IsoSpeak UI_1200x917_Heatmap_1
Gain Data Mastery Quickly With an Easy to Use Interface

IsoSpeak’s push-button user interface and advanced automation allows users to visualize, target, and utilize data from direct, functional cytokine profiling of single cells for the first time:

  • Fully automated, parallelized image processing handles data extraction and quality control

  • Sample annotation & project organization for immunotherapy workflows

  • End to end informatics and statistics that enables comparison & correlation across your experiments

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