Application: Single-Cell Polyfunctional Strength

Applied on the integrated IsoLight system

IsoPlexis’ single-cell polyfunctional strength solution, and its PSI index, are uniquely capturing key measures of potency & durability

From discovery to the clinic, IsoPlexis’s Single-Cell Polyfunctional Strength solution is helping researchers understand how to capture unique potency and durability metrics that correlate to in vivo activity. It does this by detecting the most potent cell subsets, based on the ability of each cell to secrete multiple cytokines simultaneously, at a high intensity.

What is PSI?

Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI™)

PSI is the most novel and revealing metric for measuring the potency of different immune cell types, helping top researchers accelerate their immunotherapy programs from discovery to predicting response. See how it works »

cytokine intensity

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In the fight against cancer,
each cell makes a difference.

  • In preclinical development, it is critical to identify the complex immunotherapies and combinations that will be most effective in combating the tumor early.

  • IsoPlexis’ unique single cell systems have uncovered the potent subsets of these immune cells that have correlated uniquely with in vivo response to cancer therapies, both in human and in mice.

  • IsoPlexis’ system connects over 30 cytokines that orchestrate the immune response from each T-cell, back to the cell itself.


Product Information

Kit information for Single-Cell Polyfunctional Strength and Isolight

Product Suite Product Code
IsoLight System ISOLIGHT-1000-1
IsoSpeak Software ISOSPEAK-1000-1
Isocode Chips – 4 ISOCODE-1000-4
Isocode Chips – 6 ISOCODE-1000-6
Isocode Chips – 8 ISOCODE-1000-8
Single-Cell PF Strength Panel (Human) – 4 PANEL-1001-4
Single-Cell PF Strength Panel (Human) – 6 PANEL-1001-6
Single-Cell PF Strength Panel (Human) – 8 PANEL-1001-8
Single-Cell PF Strength Panel (Mouse) – 4 PANEL-1004-4
Single-Cell PF Strength Panel (Mouse) – 6 PANEL-1004-6
Single-Cell PF Strength Panel (Mouse) – 8 PANEL-1004-8
IsoLight Service Agreement – 1 year SVCISL-1000-1
IsoLight Service Agreement – 2 years SVCISL-1000-2
IsoLight Service Agreement – 3 years SVCISL-1000-3

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