Cytokine Storm Package for COVID-19 Research

Harnessing the power of functional proteomics with the IsoLight™

The COVID-19 global pandemic has mobilized pharmaceutical and academic research environments to rapidly develop therapeutics and vaccines to help combat this deadly disease. Speed and translational predictive capabilities are of the essence. Learn more about how IsoPlexis™ technology is at the forefront of this initiative.

In this accelerated and evolving landscape, it is critical to fully analyze the immune response in terms of functional phenotype as opposed to relying on less predictive methods like population surface markers and/or RNA expression. Explore our published side-by-side studies showing the predictive capability of functional phenotyping here.

The IsoPlexis Cytokine Storm Package provides a fully-automated solution to characterize and compare the secretome from infected, uninfected, and recovered individuals in bulk populations as well as in individual live cells.

Product Information
The Cytokine Storm Package Includes:
1 – IsoLight Instrument Automated analysis of single-cell and population dynamics of secreted cytokines
1 – IsoSpeak™ Software Automated analysis software
6 – CodePlex™ Secretome Solution Obtain bulk cytokine data via a fully automated end-to-end workflow with only 5 min hands-on time
6 – IsoCode™ Single-Cell Inflammation Solution Reveal subsets of immune cells that are functional drivers of cytokine storm dynamics in individuals
6 – IsoCode Single-Cell Innate Immune Solution Determine functional phenotypes of innate & myeloid cell subsets contributing to cytokine storm and immune suppression
1 – Applications Training Our expert field applications scientists will provide a full hardware and software training to make sure you are up and running ASAP
The IsoLight: Your hub for functional proteomics
  • Completely automated & batched workflow: Increase your work-away time
  • Run single-cell and bulk assays on the same instrument – no hardware changes
  • Push-button: State-of-the-art data analysis software with advanced visualizations
Cytokine Panels

IFN-γ, MIP-1α, TNF-α, TNF-β, GM-CSF, IL-8, IL-9, IL-15, IL-18, TGF-α, IL-5, IL-15, CCL11, IP-10, MIP-1β, RANTES, BCA-1, IL-10, IL-13, IL-22, IL-22, sCD40L, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-12-p40, IL-12, IL-17A, IL-17F, MCP-1, MCP-4, MIF, EGF, PDGF-BB, VEGF

Cell types: NK Cells, Monocytes, Macrophages, Fibroblast, Myeloid Cells

GM-CSF, IFN-γ, IL-2, IL-12, TNF-α, TNF-β, IL-4, IL-5, IL-7, IL-9, IL-13, Chemoattractive: CCL11, IL-8, IP-10, MCP-1, MCP-4, MIP-1α, MIP-1β, RANTES, IL-10, IL-15, IL-22, TGF-β1, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-21, Granzyme B, Perforin, sCD40L, sCD137

Cell types: T Cells

IL-17A, TGF-b1, MIP-1a, IL-9, MIP-1b, IL-6, IL-7, IL-8, IFN-g, IP-10, GM-CSF, IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, TNF-a, MCP-1, IL-13, IL-2, Perforin

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Harnessing the power of functional proteomics

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