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Get the Most Out of Your CAR-T Bioprocessing
Learn how to automate end-to-end CAR-T cell production and singlecell analysis with the Miltenyi Biotec CliniMACS Prodigy® and the IsoLight system.
Assessing Functional Quality of Single TILs for Correlative Immunotherapy Biomarkers
Learn how using Single-Cell PSI™ can help you reveal mechanism in the Tumor Microenvironment.
Employing IsoPlexis’ PSI™ to Summarize Complex Single-cell Cytokine Data
See how PSI corelates with objective response across cancer immunotherapies and is accelerating discovery and development.
IsoLight: A Single-cell, Secreted Protein Analysis System
Download the brochure to learn more about the Award-Winning IsolIght system and discover the benefits of Precision Profiling™
Access the Breadth of Sample Preparation Protocols to Awaken True Functional Immune Biology
Access the Breadth of Sample Preparation Protocols to Awaken True Functional Immune Biology
PSI™ Applied to Autoimmune Progression and Precise Therapeutic Targeting
Learn how PSI can help you characterize critical functional subsets of innate immune cells in multiple sclerosis patients to understand novel targets and advance therapy development.
PSI™ Enables Cell Engineering and Therapy from Discovery to Predicting Outcome
Learn how PSI can help you discover and reveal the key potent cell subsets that correlate to in vivo outcome in cell therapy throughout discovery and development.
Getting Started with Your Single-Cell Projects by Following Key Sample Preparation Guidelines
Learn how to ensure that your enrichment, stimulation and labeling will allow you to get physiologically relevant in vivo data right away.
Maximizing IsoPlexis System Single-Cell Data by Referencing Precedent Sample Preparation Protocols
Learn how you can make the most of the IsoLight by referencing to data-backed sample preparation protocols.
Roundtable: Quality and Polyfunctionality in Cell Therapy Development can Broaden Therapeutic Options
Sit in with industry leaders to learn why there is a need to define best practices and improve quality management in Immunotherapy. This expert panel discussion was featured in the GEN Supplement: Immunotherapy Pipeline.
Improving T Cell Function in the Solid Tumor Microenvironment
Discover the Immunotherapy Funnel & PSI's Contribution for Accelerating Discovery & Development.
Next Generation Biomarkers Driving Neuroinflammation & Autoimmune Reactions in Immunotherapy
Discover the challenges in neuroinflammation, how autoimmune reactions are implicated in immunotherapy, and how you can identify drivers of immune response with PSI.
Polyfunctional Strength Offers a New Approach to Defining Quality in Cell Therapy
Hear from industry pioneers on how PSI can help you advance Lead Discovery, Bioprocess Optimization, and Biomarker Development for your therapeutic products.
Employing PSI Resource
Learn how PSI can help you reveal functional immune-tumor interaction and mechanism of therapy to advise lead choice.