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Apply PSI as correlates to cancer vaccine patient survival and outcome

Discover biomarkers of response by uncovering functional immune cell subsets which correlate to outcome.

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Identify enhanced polyfunctionality and PSI in after cancer vaccine treatment

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IsoPlexis stratifies higher response rates based on PSI

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Upregulation of Polyfunctional strength ratio (PSR) was correlative to overall survival

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GVAX vaccination enhances polyfunctionality and PSI in CD4+ T cells of patients with pancreatic cancer. Polyfunctional CD4+ T cells were evaluated by 24-hour stimulation of anti-CD3/CD28.

An average increase of polyfunctional CD4+ T cells was detected in patients after GVAX treatment. The upregulated PSI of CD4+ T cells by the vaccine was predominated by effector proteins that are associated with antitumor immunity including Granzyme B, IFN-g, MIP-1a and TNF-b. The data was averaged from 5 patients.1

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Detect Critical Differences

Single-cell analysis identifies a significant association of CD4+ PSI fold change (post/pre vaccination) with overall survival (OS) of patients with pancreatic cancer after GVAX treatment. Blood was collected from patients before and 10-25 days after GVAX vaccination.

The post- versus pre-vaccination fold-change of PSI of CD4+ T cells was significantly associated with patient OS (P=0.001), indicating a potential of PSI in predicting GVAX vaccine efficacy and prognostic outcomes of patients.1

Significant association of single-cell CD4 PST to OS

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