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See How Functional Immune Profiling Can Help Reveal Mechanisms of Immune Response in Infectious Disease & Vaccines

Uncover functional immune responses with functional proteomics to harness the immune system across infectious disease and vaccine research

IsoPlexis functionally defines each cell type involved in the immune response, enabling a deeper understanding of functional mechanisms for the discovery of patient biomarkers and development of vaccines & novel therapies for infectious diseases.

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Understanding the Pathogenesis, the Role of Cytokines, and the Immune Response in COVID-19
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See how industry leaders and pioneers are revealing the true functional biology to accelerate research and medicine
Understand the role of cytokines and neuroinflammation in COVID-19 patients with neurological manifestations
Shelli Farhadian, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Understand the pathogenesis, the role of cytokines, and the immune response in COVID-19
David Ho, MD, Scientific Director and CEO of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
A fireside chat with IsoPlexis user Dr. Moryia Tsuji from Columbia
Moriya Tsuji, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine at Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, Columbia University
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