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Optimize vaccines leading to survival/protection and identify correlates with immune polyfunction1

Empower vaccine development with the strength of single cell polyfunctional analysis to detect the potent subsets which correlate with immune response.

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Identify differences in polyfunctionality with different vaccine structures

How our Award-Winning IsoLight Single-Cell System is Making a Difference

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PSI reveals key differences in vaccine constructs in mouse models

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Identified a highly polyfunctional subset of hepatic CD8 T cells upon immunization and challenge with novel construct in a way that correlated to outcome in mice

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Single-cell functional heat map shows unique and highly polyfunctional hepatic CD8+ T-cell subsets, which were induced in a group of mice that received IrPySpz immunization and live PySpz challenge. A fewer percentage of hepatic CD8+ T cells with high polyfunctionality was induced in either naïve mice or IrNSG-immunized mice (which did not confer protection).

These results demonstrate that a group of polyfunctional hepatic CD8+ T cells, having both effector and chemo-attractive functions at a single cell level, may associate with anti-malaria immunity. The multiple markers, which were unique to hepatic CD8+ T cells derived from IrSpz-immunized and partially protected mice, are identified as a co-secretion of MIP-1α, RANTES, IFN-γ, and/or IL-17A, from a single hepatic CD8+ T cell.1

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