Humanized Mouse Vaccines

Identify polyfunctional differences within the development of combination cancer vaccines1

Leverage the power of polyfunctional immune cell analysis to accelerate vaccine development.

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Identify differences in combination vaccine structures resulting from tumor vaccine activation

How our Award-Winning IsoLight Single-Cell System is Making a Difference

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PSI revealed differences for more accurate evaluation of tumor vaccine efficacy in a preclinical setting

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Nanoparticle vaccine containing tumor antigens can efficiently activate CD8+ T cells and induce polyfunctional CD8+ T cells that are associated with antitumor activity

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Single-Cell CD8+ polyfunctionality and PSI are upregulated in NP-vaccinated mouse group relative to Naïve controls. A robust upregulation of polyfunctional (secreting multiple cytokines) human CD8+ T cells in HIS mice immunized with NP/Antigen/Ab was observed, compared to other groups of HIS mice.

We observed a statistically significant difference between the NP/Antigen/Ab group and both the Naïve and Antigen groups. The enhanced PSI was predominated by effector proteins.

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Detect Critical Differences

Antigen specific CD8+ T cell detection by tetramer. Splenocytes were isolated from immunized and naïve HIS mice and incubated with antigen peptide-loaded HLA-A*0201 tetramer.

Cell were stained with the following antibodies to human CD45, mouse CD45, human CD3, human CD4, human CD8 and human CD19. The percentage of Melan-A specific human CD8+ T cells was analyzed by Flowjo software.1

Percentage of Antigen Specific Human CD8 T Cells

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