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IsoPlexis detects the key potent immune cells that drive response across solid tumor indications in oncology, helping you understand potency, durability, and toxicities earlier in the development process.


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“They have showed that by using single-cell analyses, heterogeneity may actually improve clinical outcomes.”

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Naive, Antigen, NP/AgIgG, NP/Ag/Ab

Detect the small potent cell subsets that make the difference

Discover critical differences and mechanism in therapies that engage T cells and the tumor microenvironment.

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Optimize Bioprocessing

naive vs IrPySpz

Optimize potency in Vaccines & Immunology

Uncover the T cell mechanism of malaria vaccines administered to mice, correlated to survival.

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Predict Response

pre and post

Correlate data with response to predict clinical outcome

Stratify patients in immune monitoring for cancer vaccines, using the power of single-cell polyfunctionality.

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Identify the Most Potent Cell Subsets in Your Samples

Our award-winning, single-cell system effortlessly delivers the data you need.

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