Discover sources of resistance to solid tumor therapies by understanding single-cell pathways that translate to therapeutic insights

IsoPlexis detects the key intracellular pathways in tumor cells that can uncover critical and unseen targets in oncology, helping you understand earlier in development the impacts of your therapies, and also mechanisms behind patient resistance in oncology research.

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Precision Pre-Clinical Development:
Solid Tumor & Oncology

solid tumor
kicking genomics to the curb

Precision Lead Optimization and Translational Learning

TILs Workflow

This study elegantly illustrates the need for a multi-omics approach in addressing changes in a tumor throughout its treatment course.

Cancer Cell Commentary

Predictive Pathway Analysis

Find the pathways that achieve best response, not seen on any other technologies, and apply throughout development

…the work was able to identify changes in protein signaling as early as several days after treatment, which could allow for the detection of drug resistance long before it becomes clinically apparent.



“…this could just be a marker [indicating] that these patients have preserved immune function and will have a better chance of response to other cytotoxic therapies.”

NAVAL DAVER, MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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