Use true functional immune cell biology to reveal targets, mechanism, and biomarkers for inflammatory & autoimmune driven responses in various contexts

IsoPlexis detects the small groups of highly dysfunctional immune cells that drive progression across inflammatory diseases, translating this information into therapeutic insights to help you advance your discovery & development programs. These unique insights apply to a variety of autoimmune driven responses in transplant biology, cancer immunotherapy, crohn’s disease & IBS, neuroinflammation, MS and more.

IsoPlexis’ Single-Cell Breakthroughs are Detecting Drivers of Inflammatory Response in Immunotherapies, Transplant Biology, Neuroinflammatory Contexts, and Beyond

Identifying Single-Cell Drivers of Neuroinflammation & Applying to Translational Medicine

Healthy Donor vs Untreated MS donor

Inflammatory Single-Cell Reponses in Transplant and Autologous Cell Transfer

They have showed that by using single-cell analyses, heterogeneity may actually improve clinical outcomes.

Blood Commentary

Kite Data

Target Dampening Inflammatory Response in Oncology & Autoimmune Reactions

JAK STAT paper

Using IsoPlexis, which provides single-cell cytokine data, we found very clear patterns showing differences not just between different CAR signaling architectures in Tregs, but also between Tregs and conventional T cells activated via the same CAR.

Leonardo Ferreira University of California, San Francisco

“This work… sheds light on the complex interactions between malignant cells and supporting cells”

The Hematologist Commentary

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