Inflammation & Neurology RESPONSE

Detect the Subsets that Impact Inflammation & Neurological Disease

Use true functional immune cell biology to reveal biomarkers for autoimmunity and immune-related adverse events.

Use true functional immune cell biology to reveal targets, mechanism, and biomarkers for inflammatory & autoimmune driven responses in various contexts

IsoPlexis detects the small groups of highly dysfunctional immune cells that drive progression across inflammatory diseases, translating this information into therapeutic insights to help you advance your discovery & development programs. These unique insights apply to a variety of autoimmune driven responses in transplant biology, cancer immunotherapy, crohn’s disease & IBS, neuroinflammation, MS and more.

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IsoPlexis Proteomic Product Suite for Neuroinflammation
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See how industry leaders and pioneers are revealing the true functional biology to accelerate research and medicine
Understand the role of cytokines and neuroinflammation in COVID-19 patients with neurological manifestations
Shelli Farhadian, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Discover biomarkers that could elucidate the mechanism of various autoimmune disorders as well as autoimmune and inflammatory reactions to immunotherapies
Rong Fan, PhD, Yale University
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