IsoPlexis reveals mechanism in each stage of the immunity cycle

Improve the Success of Novel Immunotherapies

In Checkpoint Therapy, processes such as lead discovery, bioprocess optimization, and biomarker development for the clinic are all made more complex by the functional interactions stemming from the patient immune cells.

IsoPlexis reveals mechanism in each stage of the immunity cycle

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Explore by Each Part of the Cancer Immunity Cycle

“The ability to easily perform single-cell proteomics provides a way to understand the complexity of the cellular response to immunotherapy and then to design and test new therapies to enhance efficacy.”


Discover. Optimize. Predict.

IsoPlexis is empowering Checkpoint & Combination Immunotherapy development across the discover-optimize-predict continuum

Discover Differences

ccontrol bispecific and novel bispecific

Detect the small potent cell subsets that make the difference

Discover critical differences and mechanisms in therapies that engage T cells and the tumor microenvironment.

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Optimize Potency

il2 and t-214

Optimize potency in control and new combination therapies

Uncover the T-cell mechanisms of agonists used in combination with re-engineered cell therapies.

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Predict Response

nonresponders vs responders

Correlate data with response to predict clinical outcome

Uniquely stratify patient response in solid tumor based on TIL polyfunction.

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Identify the Most Potent Cell Subsets in Your Samples

Our award-winning, single-cell system effortlessly delivers the data you need.

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