Case Study: Paracrine Signaling Pathway

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  • Paracrine Signaling

Secretomic profiles of metastatic tumor cells

Apply highly multiplexed cytokine analysis to identify the functional mechanisms of metastasis

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Identify paracrine signalling pathway mechanism and tumor inhibition strategies

How our Award-Winning IsoLight Single-Cell System is Making a Difference

polyfunctional cell


The functional cytokines secreted by matrix embedded cancer cells can promote enhanced cell migration.
polyfunctional cell


Reveals a potential functional mechanism that promotes tumour cell migration and strategy to decrease metastatic capacity of tumour cells.

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Revealed the underlying functional mechanisms of metastasis in 3D Matrix embedded tumor cells. Secretome mediated pathway of cell migration is an adaptive process dictated by cell signaling. Understanding this mechanism provides a potential strategy towards decreasing the metastatic capacity of cancer cells (Jayatilaka et al. Nature Communications 2017).

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