Case Study: Inhibitory Mechanism of Monocytes Towards Immune Suppression in Follicular Lymphoma

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  • Follicular Lymphoma

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Apply the power of polyfunctional strength to identify functional immune cell subsets which correlate with in vivo activity.

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Reveal mechanism in Follicular Lymphoma

How our Award-Winning IsoLight Single-Cell System is Making a Difference

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CD14+SIRPαhi (signal regulatory protein-α) monocytes/macrophages were associated with an inferior survival in FL, & increased numbers of the CD14−SIRPα low subset appeared to correlate with a better survival.

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Cellular IL-10 level shows critical mechanistic importance of monocyte function in the interaction with T-cell functional response, which correlated with patients who had inferior survival.

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Revealed an inhibitory mechanism of enhanced IL-10 in single-cell polyfunctional CD14+ SIRPαHi subsets reducing T cell proliferation, which provides the functional insights of Mo/MΦs subset for FL patients, which were implicated in inferior survival of patients.

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