Uncover mechanism & improve functional immune fitness in novel solid tumor immunotherapies

In Cancer Immunology, complex processes such as discovery, lead optimization, and biomarker development for the clinic are all made more complex by the functional interactions stemming from the patient immune cells and the tumor microenvironment. IsoPlexis reveals true functional immune resolution and fitness that uncovers mechanism and reveals actionable insights.

Advancing Cellular Fitness & Precision Medicine with IsoPlexis’ Platform

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Precision Pre-Clinical Development in Solid Tumor: Cancer Immunology

Discover your most potent cells, masked in the bulk & discover the more potent therapies achieving correlative response in vivo

Precision Lead Optimization and Translational Learning

  • “They have showed that by using single-cell analyses, heterogeneity may actually improve clinical outcomes.”

    -Blood Commentary

“The ability to easily perform single-cell proteomics provides a way to understand the complexity of the cellular response to immunotherapy and then to design and test new therapies to enhance efficacy.”


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