gene editing

Knowledge of the powerful functional T-cell drivers can give complex engineered immune cell therapies the edge they need

Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI™) detects the highly polyfunctional cell subsets, typically missed in bulk, that correlate to in vivo outcome in cell therapy. Isolating these differences helps you understand how to engineer the potency and durability needed throughout development & bioprocessing.

gene editing

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“Only by pairing product data with clinical outcomes will commercial application of CAR T cells be further optimized and support enhanced safety and efficacy for patients.”

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IsoPlexis is empowering Cell Therapy development across the discover-optimize-predict continuum

Discover Differences

Detect the small potent cell subsets that make the difference

Discover cellular potency differences resulting in post CRISPR gene edits to NK cells

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Optimize Bioprocessing

Optimize potency in cell therapy bioprocessing by revealing the differences

Identify methodologies for increasing potency in cell therapy bioprocessing

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Predict Response

Correlate data with response to predict clinical outcome

Predict in vivo outcome & stratify response with pre-infusion cell therapy product (PSI™) metric

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Identify the Most Potent Cell Subsets in Your Samples

Our award-winning, single-cell system effortlessly delivers the data you need.

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