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Learn how pioneers in your field are revealing differences between Non-Responders (NR) and Responders (R) to improve clinical outcomes.

  • Discover the supercells that secrete multiple cytokines at high intensity
  • Optimize your therapies with true functional single cell biology
  • Predict response with automated single cell data that correlates to in vivo activity
cytokine intensity

Reveal True Immune Biology

Learn how our award-winning, single-cell detection system uniquely reveals correlates that lead to biomarker breakthroughs, development and innovation.

  • IsoLight System: The most accurate single-cell system that automatically detects the most potent & productive cell subsets in your samples
  • IsoCode Chip: Patented consumable technology that connects the range of 40+ cytokines back to each profiled single cell
  • IsoSpeak Software: Automatically translates biomarkers into insight, generating a unique polyfunctional metric (PSI) and intuitive visualizations that help researchers understand correlations to in vivo activity

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