Follow the Data: Applying PSI to inflammation of CAR T-cell product correlates to Grade 3+ CRS, pre-infusion1

Research Area: Inflammatory & autoimmune disease

Development Stage: Prediction

Goal: Preinfusion prediction of in vivo CRS in CAR-T patients, not possible with legacy technologies

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How our single-cell systems are making a difference

Solution:  IsoPlexis' PSI is able to stratify severe CRS occurence in CAR-T patients

Finding: PSI of the pre-infusion CAR-T product was found to associate with in vivo CRS

Follow the data

Higher CAR-T product PSI was found to statistically associate with grade 3+ CRS (p = 0.0174). PSI was measured across CD4+ and CD8+ samples from 20 patients.

In particular, there were large increases in the production of effector and stimulatory cytokines in the 3+ CRS cohort. These results suggest that the combination of frequency and cytokine production levels of polyfunctional T cells in the product associate with toxicity to treatment with CAR T cells.1

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IsoPlexis finds critical differences

The CAR-T product PSI association with in vivo grade 3+ CRS was strengthened when the metric was combined with day 0 IL-15 levels in the patients (p = 0.085). IL-15 levels in the blood were measured by ELISA.1