How Our Unique Biology Works

Evolution vs. estimates of each T-cell’s cytokine contributions

Our Single Cell Biology Breakthroughs

The next generation of single cell functional biology


Unique In Vivo Activity: Breakthroughs in Immunotherapy

How our unique biology works

Evolution vs. estimates of each T cell’s cytokine contributions

Our differentiated system finds correlates that were impossible before, because the new cell types we can detect, these highly polyfunctional cells, have shown correlates to in-vivo that status quo systems (flow cytometry, ELISA, RNA) cannot see.

Our single-cell functional assay has led the field in proving the true correlative T cell biology throughput immunotherapy.

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In the fight against cancer,
each cell makes a difference.

  • In preclinical development, it is critical to identify the complex immunotherapies and combinations that will be most effective in combating the tumor early.
  • IsoPlexis’ unique single cell systems have uncovered the potent subsets of these immune cells that have correlated uniquely with in vivo response to cancer therapies, both in human and in mice.
  • IsoPlexis’ system connects over 30 cytokines that orchestrate the immune response from each T cell, back to the cell itself.


IsoPlexis’ True Single T Cell Biology:
Cellular Specificity vs. Bulk ELISA

Bulk Serum ELISA Averaging
bulk averaging

Bulk Averaging

Bulk cytokine averaging estimates what each heterogenous cell secretes. This misses the highly functional cell subsets that are correlated to durability and potency in-vivo.

Single Cell Cytokine Specificity

IsoPlexis Difference

Our true functional T cell biology is rooted in the ability to directly find what each T cell secretes for the first time in a highly multiplexed manner.

  • Single-cell, true secreted protein, with 32 plex full range of function
  • First time the “filter” of how T-cells proteomically perform, amongst a heterogenous system
  • Reveal correlative in vivo activity uniquely

IsoPlexis: True, Highly Multiplexed Cytokines Released From Each Cell vs. Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Based Systems

Flow Cytometry based systems use ICS (Intracellular Cytokine Staining) to fix and permeabilize T-cells and block cytokines within the cell in order to estimate what the cells may secrete. The nature of blocking within the cells also increases risk of spectral overlap and reduces the ability to multiplex cytokines reliably.

RNA-Seq based methods estimates protein function, yet are not protein measurements, with citations showing 0.4 correlation from RNA to protein. 1

Reference [1]: Vogel at al. Nature Reviews Genetics (2012)

Up to 32-plexed true, live functional T cell biology at single-cell resolution


We find the true biology of what is happening in these powerful T-cell subsets, termed highly polyfunctional cells, which correlates to response & reveals highly differentiated T-cell insights

Our SC Polyfunctional Strength (PSI) finds what the cells actually secrete, revealing heterogeneity of phenotypes in flow cytometry, & potency of Polyfunctional T-cells (those that secrete multiple cytokines simultaneously).

High multiplexing of simultaneous true cytokines reveals most consistently intense & potent T-cells (Both are synergistic). The multiplexing in a sense “enriches” for the subsets of cells that correlate to objective response in checkpoint patients, and reveal mechanism.

Use True Functional Single-Cell Biology to Reveal the Highly Potent T-Cells That Correlate

Phenotypically similar T-cells via flow, miss functional heterogeneity

Our biology revealed heterogeneity of traditional cell phenotypes

Our True T-cell functional biology is rooted in the ability to directly find what T-cells are secreting for the first time, rather than estimating it using any of the three status quo technologies.

High multiplexing of simultaneous cytokines, from each T-cell, termed polyfunctional, reveals most consistently intense & potent T-cells.

Samples with multiple subsets of these cells have high polyfunctional strength, which has correlated with outcome.


Three Core Unique Elements to Our Single-Cell Functional Biology

Reveal the highly polyfunctional T-cells that correlate


Cytokines, i.e. true proteins actually secreted per cell, rather than fixed or estimated, reveals biology happening in-vivo, across 1000+ cells.

32-plex cytokine panel

Unprecedented 32 multiplexed secreted cytokines per cell: captures range of function to reveal the T-cell subsets orchestrating response.


Protocols for stimulating the T-cells proven to awaken cytokine biology in a correlative manner across 21+ studies and counting.

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Stratify & Correlate

“They have showed that by using single-cell analyses, heterogeneity may actually improve clinical outcomes.”

Blood Commentary

Next Generation Single Cell Functional Biology Has Revealed Unique Correlates and Insights

Reveals response & mechanism of therapy

Our ability to capture this unique T-cell biology in patients, using Polyfunctional Strength, has correlated over and over again in 21+ data sets, and our uniquely insightful & correlative readouts are revolutionizing the development of combination immunotherapies.

Our PSI driven accelerated T-cell insights are transforming the immunotherapy field

Using our technology, our customers are creating significant advantage by dissecting the differences in response, and applying that responder information to accelerate decision making.

  • Apply our uniquely correlative T cell biology to uncover critical differences in various therapeutic candidates, and also differentiate the in-vivo responses of patients
  • Lead to improved & accelerated application and choice of therapeutic development, and understanding of mechanism & correlates which can both prove out the combination, & accelerate the right investment in the future combination

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