Single-Cell Metabolome: Multi-Omic Energy State Application for Integrated Cancer Biology

Learn how IsoPlexis’ Single-Cell Metabolome helps you address functional and metabolic changes linked to adaptive resistance development, improve combination therapies, and prevent drug resistance.

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What's Inside

In this we discuss:

Solving your research challenges one app at a time
Single-Cell Metabolome: solution and cytokine panel menu
Enabling mapping of multi-omic proteomic pathways and energy states at the single-cell level
Connecting functional signaling pathways to energy states for integrated cancer biology
IsoSpeak: automated push-button analytics and data visualizations
A Deeper Look

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Study: Multi-Omic Analysis Reveals Paths Toward Drug Resistance in Melanoma

IsoPlexis’ Single-Cell Metabolomics solution combines the ability to look at phosphoproteins and metabolites, enabling researchers to perform multi-omic analyses on their cells with just one technology.

Identify functional signaling pathways and connect them to energy states for the first time, leading to critical insights into functional adaptations and resistance.

Download the eBook to see how researchers Su, et al. used Single-Cell Metabolome to analyze mutant melanoma cancer cells.

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