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Roundtable: Single-Cell Proteomics Tackles Vaccine Development

In this GEN hosted roundtable, five leading researchers share their views and strategies on infectious disease research and vaccine development.

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What's Inside

In this we discuss:

How does understanding and detecting immune response and function affect developing therapies and vaccines for infectious diseases? How do single-cell tools play a role?
What models are available today to look at the innate and adaptive immune responses in relation to infectious diseases and cytokine storms?
What role do you think assessing and understanding a proteomic cytokine response from immune cells and more systematically in bulk will play in developing better vaccines and therapies for diseases, such as COVID 19?
A Deeper Look

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Tackling Vaccine Development

The overarching goal to create long-lasting immune protection requires an in-depth understanding of the immune system’s response to an infectious agent, immune monitoring to determine and predict the building of the protective response, as well as cytokine level monitoring for potential toxicities related to cytokine storms.

GEN spoke to five leading researchers to hear their views and strategies on infectious disease research and vaccine development.

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