PSI™ Applied to Autoimmune Progression and Precise Therapeutic Targeting

Learn how PSI can help you characterize critical functional subsets of innate immune cells in multiple sclerosis patients to understand novel
targets and advance therapy development.

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Role of innate immunity in Multiple Sclerosis pathogenesis requires further understanding

See how IsoPlexis’ Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI) can be used to assess cytokine secretion of single innate immune cells, i.e. monocytes, in autoimmune patients to monitor progression.

  • Demonstrate the value of PSI to reveal functional heterogeneity of single innate immune cells
  • Show that by detecting highly dysfunctional cell subsets, PSI can lead to the unique detection of key patient differences in autoimmune progression
  • Demonstrate how these differences can reveal critical therapeutic insight and novel targets