Maximizing IsoPlexis System Single-Cell Data by Referencing Precedent Sample Preparation Protocols

Learn how you can make the most of the IsoLight by referencing to data-backed sample preparation protocols.

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The IsoLight System: An Overview

IsoPlexis’ IsoLight system employs its IsoCode® chip, a single-cell, highly multiplexed chip consisting of highly multiplexed antibody capture chip from each single cell. The IsoCode technology uniquely addresses the cytokine detection limitations with its ability to measure a large panel of 40+ key secreted proteins from live single cells and to deeply decipher the functional heterogeneity and key functional subsets of responding immune cells among individual patients.

In this Tech Note we:
  • Published enrichment, stimulation, and staining protocols throughout immunotherapy types and indications help achieve your goals, in multiple publications and presentations
  • Protocols that minimize impacts on the live cells that are analyzed on IsoPlexis’ IsoLight platform
  • Guidelines for most commonly used cell types and applications