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Improving T Cell Function in the Solid Tumor Microenvironment with Combination Immunotherapeutic Strategies and Polyfunction PSI™

Discover the Immunotherapy Funnel & PSI’s Contribution for Accelerating Discovery & Development.

Predict Response: Immunotherapy & Single-Cell Proteomics Evolving Together

In recent years, chemo- and radiotherapies have been supplanted by therapeutics aimed at turning one’s immune system against disease. Cancer immunotherapies, in particular immune checkpoint blockade and combination therapies, have demonstrated remarkable success in treating multiple refractory cancers.

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In this we discuss:

Addressing Challenges in Solid Tumors with IsoPlexis’ Single-Cell Proteomics and Polyfunctional Strength Index PSITM
Finding Critical, Correlative Differences using IsoPlexis’ Systems
Utilizing Polyfunction with Combination Immunotherapies to Stratify Patients: The Vision
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