IsoLight: Single-cell, Secreted Protein Analysis System

The only way to identify the most potent & productive cell subsets in your samples

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The IsoLight System

Shed a new light on the small groups of cells that are making a big difference with the integrated IsoLight System

Discover differences by detecting the most potent cells that secrete multiple cytokines at high intensity

Optimize your therapies by revealing choice amongst cutting edge immune therapies & processes

Predict response by correlating single cell data with outcome and translating biomarkers into insight

Award Winning

Our award-winning, single-cell system delivers what you need the most across the board: high quality results, while saving time and resources

Get started fast and make use of precious samples
  • Physiologically relevant readouts that relate to in vivo activity
  • Real-world and in-house protocol and system validation, available to all users
  • Preconfigured, validated, application driven chip & reagent kits
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Red Dot Design Award Winner 2018
fierce innovation award
scientist award
Keep your research moving with robust, consistent data time after time
  • Answers in days, not weeks with advanced fluidics and integrated software
  • Built-in quality controls, platform wide
  • Parallel chip processing to batch experiments, conditions, controls, etc.
  • Comprehensive data exploration with publication quality graph export
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Discover Data Visualization

Discover Data Visualization

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Simplify Your Workflow With the IsoLight

Four steps from sample to answer

Step 1

IsoLight Workflow Step 1

Enrich, stimulate and stain samples using IsoPlexis’ validated protocols

Step 2

IsoCode Chip

Load samples into preconfigured chips, up to 8 per IsoLight run

Step 3


Load chips into IsoLight and walk away while all processes to generate single-cell functional profiles are completed

Step 4

Load resulting data into IsoSpeak to analyze, visualize and explore the amount and composition of polyfunctional subsets

IsoLight Suite

Discover the Difference

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