Technology Overview Series

Hear from our expert team on how IsoPlexis technology provides the critical tools for your research workflows.

Learn how the sample preparation protocols simplify the process of getting the most out of every sample

Access a portfolio of predeveloped and validated protocols for enrichment and stimulation

Reduce development time and precious sample usage needed to get going

Customize protocols moving forward by tapping into IsoPlexis' assay development resources

Walk through how the IsoLight system automates single cell data generation for analysis and visualization in IsoSpeak

Load prepared samples into preconfigured assay chips

Walk away chip processing, including cell separation, incubation, cell imaging and proteomic scanning

Parallel data generation for up to 8 samples per run

Export raw data merged with chip configuration info directly for data processing in IsoSpeak software

Discover how to navigate IsoSpeak’s powerful visualizations of the single-cell data you need to correlate with outcomes

Access a unique collection of predeveloped tools to see the data at multiple levels

Adjust all views in real time based on user input

Explore complex single-cell datasets with novel, customized analytics

Streamline reporting with publication quality graphs and data exporting

Unlock the IsoPlexis

Single-Cell Webinar Series 

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Unlock the IsoPlexis

Technology Overview Series

Your data is in safe hands. View Privacy Policy