Single-Cell Webinar Series

Hear from our expert team on the correlation challenges IsoPlexis technology uniquely solves in a variety of research areas.

Learn how discovery in cell therapy and combination therapy is benefiting from single-cell polyfunctional strength metrics

Identify the presence of small polyfunctional cell subpopulations that correlate with anti-tumor activities

Evaluate molecules that enhance efficacy of cell therapies

Assess the effects of gene editing (CRISPR) on response in model systems

Understand how new innate & myeloid single cell functional profiling is uncovering drivers of inflammatory disease

Discover the impact of therapy on MS by tracking inflammatory polyfunctionality in monocytes

Uncover NK contribution to Crohn's disease through proinflammatory polyfunctionality

Reveal the striking heterogeneity of polyfunctionality in PMF patient granulocytes suggesting directions for therapy in MPNA

Discover how polyfunctional strength is making an impact  with bispecifics and combination checkpoint therapies

Evaluate T cell responses induced by various bispecific T cell engagers across phenotypes

Understand the heterogeneity of TIL polyfunctionality in solid tumors in response to checkpoint inhibitors

Uniquely correlate clinical anti-tumor responses with IsoPlexis data

Optimize combination cancer vaccines in melanoma using model systems

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Single-Cell Webinar Series 

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