Join us and take part in these upcoming conferences and meetings.

Join us for the World Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress 2018!

When: November 28-30, 2018
Where: Lowes Coronado Bay Resort San Diego, CA
Speaker Presentation: Dr. Will Singleterry, Associate Director, Business Development, IsoPlexis | Single cell functionality serves as a predictive biomarker for overall survival of pancreatic cancer patients treated with GVAX vaccine | Nov. 30, 2018 @ 9:10 am.

Focused on the vaccine and immunotherapy industry, the event will delve into topics surrounding vaccine development, cancer immunotherapy, funding and partnerships as well as exploring new topics in clinical trials & development, bioprocessing, manufacture and delivery, and the development and use of antibodies for both infectious diseases and cancer.This is the congress for top decision makers of the vaccine and immunotherapy industry with both scientific and commercial interests, specifically interested in both learning and/or partnering.

We will be at the SITC 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington DC on November 7-11, 2018. We hope you’ll come by and see us at Booth #621. See our science at SITC! Visit our posters to learn more about the predictive power of assessing polyfunctional strength:

Title: Single-cell proteomic analysis of T cells stimulated by Bi-specific T-cell Engagers shows robust and unique polyfunctional secretion profile
Collaborator: Dartmouth
Poster Number: P8

Title: Single-cell PSI of CD8+ TILs in melanoma shows uniquely sensitive correlation with response to anti-PD-1 therapy, where histology and serum cytokines were unable to detect significant associations
Collaborator: Yale
Poster Number: P721

Title: Improving T cell functionality for adoptive cell transfer therapy in metastatic colon cancer
Collaborator: Emory
Poster Number: P266

Join us for the 3rd Annual Rational Combinations 360° Conference!

When: September 13-14, 2018
Where: Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District, Philadelphia, PA
Speaker Presentation: Dr. Will Singleterry, Associate Director, Business Development, IsoPlexis | Predictive biomarkers of clinical response reveal synergy mechanisms between combination immunotherapies using single cell proteomics | Sept. 13, 2018 @ 2:10 pm.

The 3rd annual Rational Combinations 360° program provides the most up-to-date research, data and progress on combination developments. Stop by our talk to learn how leaders across the industry are leveraging complete single cell immune profiling using the IsoPlexis platform to accelerate their immunotherapy programs. See to register and use code SP20 for 20% off the registration fee.

IsoPlexis CEO, Sean Mackay, will be presenting on a panel at CAR-TCR Summit 2018 in Boston, MA on September 5th at 5:15pm. The panel titled "Methods to Predict CAR-T Therapy Patient Response to Inform Patient Selection and Trial Design" will be presented with IsoPlexis; Kite, a Gilead Company; and Atara Biotherapeutics. Isoplexis will also be presenting a poster on September 5-6 on "Reviewing Highly Multiplexed, Single-Cell Profiling of CAR-T Cells and its Potential Benefits as a Tool for Product Characterization and Biomarker Discovery." Join us in Boston at the CAR-TCR Summit. September 4 – 7, 2018, Booth #13. The CAR-TCR Summit is the only dedicated summit for the advancement of the next generation of potent, safe and efficacious CAR-TCR therapies for solid tumor indications.

IsoPlexis to present at FOCiS 2018. IsoPlexis will be presenting at FOCiS 2018 on June 20, 2018 in San Francisco, CA. The presentation is titled "Single-cell Highly Multiplexed Proteomics Identifies Novel Polyfunctional Human CD8+ T Cell Signatures Induced by a Nanoparticle-Based Melanoma Vaccine in Human Immune System Mice".

IsoPlexis to present at FOCiS 2018. IsoPlexis will be presenting at FOCiS 2018 on June 22, 2018 in San Francisco, CA. The presentation is titled "Single-cell Polyfunctionality of CD4+ T Cells Shows Promise as a Predictor of Overall Survival of Pancreatic Cancer Patients Treated with GVAX Vaccine".

IsoPlexis data to be presented at AACR 2018. IsoPlexis scientific advisory board member Antoni Ribas, director of the tumor immunology program at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, will be presenting at the AACR 2018 Annual Meeting, held , 2018, in Chicago. He will highlight findings from a study looking at the effectiveness of ACT in combination with the cytokine agonist NKTR-214, produced by San Francisco-based biopharma company Nektar Therapeutics, which also participated in the study. The study found that the ACT-NKTR-214 combination improved the induction of cytotoxic T cells and increased their polyfunctionality, indicating that addition of NKTR-214 could boost the performance of ACT.

IsoPlexis to present at ImmunoTX Summit. IsoPlexis co-Founder and CEO Sean Mackay will be presenting at the 2018 ImmunoTX Summit, held January 30-31, 2018, in San Diego, CA. The presentation will provide an overview of predictive single T-cell functional response biomarkers in CAR-T and PD1/CTLA4 checkpoint based cancer immunotherapies.

IsoPlexis to present new collaboration data at ASCO-SITC. IsoPlexis will be presenting new data from a collaboration with Fred Hutch the 2018 ASCO-SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology Symposium, held January 25-28, 2018, in San Francisco, CA. The poster presentation will highlight that intratumoral (IT) injections of the toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) agonist G100 induce a clinical response and a T cell response locally and systemically.

IsoPlexis to present new collaboration data at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting. IsoPlexis will present new data from a collaboration with Bellicum Pharmaceuticals (Bellicum) at the American Society of Hematology's Annual Meeting and Exposition, held December 9-12, 2017, in Atlanta, Ga. The presentation will highlight how IsoCode Chip, IsoPlexis' core technology developed to detect cellular responses at the single-cell level, was used to assess functional response to prostate stem cell antigen (PSCA) with Bellicum's proprietary GoCAR-T products targeting PSCA-expressing solid tumors.

IsoPlexis to present biomarker data at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting. IsoPlexis will deliver two oral presentations at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s (SITC) 32nd Annual Meeting and Pre-Conference, held November 8-12, 2017, at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md. Both presentations will highlight how data captured by IsoCode, IsoPlexis’ core technology to detect cellular responses at the single-cell level, is helping to accelerate the fight against cancer.

IsoPlexis will be participating in a panel discussion at the 2017 Bio International Convention in San Diego, CA. As part of the Emerging Therapies session, the panel covers Cell, Gene, and Tissue Therapies: Applying Key Lessons from the Evolution and Commercialization of Protein-Based Therapies.

IsoPlexis will be presenting a poster at FOCiS 2017, entitled Single-Cell Proteomic Assessment of CD19 CAR-T Cells Reveals a Complex Landscape of Polyfunctional Antigen-Specific Response. Our single-cell multiplexed analysis revealed a marked heterogeneity of cytokine secretions and enhanced polyfunctional subsets in both CD4+ and CD8+ CAR-T pre-infusion products upon antigen-specific stimulation.

IsoPlexis to participate in Nature webcast on making a name in cancer immunotherapy. This webcast will feature a range of cancer immunotherapy innovations and explain how they are advancing progress within immuno-oncology. Technologies covered within the webcast will include IsoPlexis' IsoCode precision engineering platform for predictive cell response.

IsoPlexis and Kite Pharma report clinical biomarker data at AACR. IsoPlexis collaboration offers breakthrough insights into detecting and predicting patient response to t-cell therapy. Data captured by IsoCode, IsoPlexis' single-cell precision engineering platform, detected a statistically significant association between the potency of CAR-T cell product prior to treatment and objective response of cancer patients post-treatment. The results highlight the potential to predict whether cancer patients will respond to CAR-T cell therapy prior to treatment, as well as to improve both pre-infusion potency testing and cell product design.

Kite announces AACR presentation on IsoPlexis collaboration. As described in the abstract of this clinical biomarkers presentation, the IsoCode platform uncovered that polyfunctional anti-CD19 CAR T cells determined by single-cell multiplex proteomics associated with clinical activity in patients with advanced non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The single-cell Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI) of patient CAR T cells, measured on the IsoCode platform, showed a statistically significant association with objective response to CAR T therapy.

IsoPlexis will present a poster at ASCO-SITC on single-cell cytokine profiling of tumor-infiltrating T cells to measure patient responses to anti-PD-1 therapy. The research was conducted with Yale University, and found that single-cell multiplexed cytokine profiling has the capability to dissect the full spectrum of immune functions associated with anti-tumor T cell immunity and more accurately measuring the function of TILs for predicting the response of patients receiving anti-PD-1 blocking therapy.