Available Late 2020

CodePlex Metabolome

IsoPlexis’ CodePlex solution is uniquely capturing key measures of metabolomics in an automated manner.

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Discover the
CodePlex Technology
The New Standard in
Functional Biology

IsoPlexis’ CodePlex solution is helping researchers by providing a faster and more streamlined approach to generating metabolomics data via a fully automated end-to-end workflow. It does this by offering a modular solution to bulk cytokine data analysis and minimizes variability from user input.

CODEPLEX Metabolome
Automated Highly Multiplexed Metabolomics Workflow
10X improvement over status quo
Easily Run Limited Sample Volumes

Sample volume needed for replicates on CodePlex Metabolome


Sample volume needed for replicates on Status Quo Instrumentation

CODEPLEX Metabolome
Only 5 Min of Hands-on Time

Step 1:
One-pipette-action per sample, no ELISA procedures by user

Step 2:
All ELISA procedures performed automatically. Software delivers results.

Save Time, Less Cost
  • Optimize your workflow with only 5 min hands-on time

  • CodePlex family of chips can generate same-day data, completely automated

  • One IsoLight system as a hub for single-cell and population proteomic analysis.

IsoLight One Instrument Worfklow
IsoLight Steps For Functional Metabolomics
CODEPLEX Metabolome
CodePlex Metabolome is Part of the Proteomic Hub Workflow
ONE INSTRUMENT & Workflow Step
The IsoLight
Data visualization software
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The single-use CodePlex chips are at the core of our technology and required to run our profiling assays on the fully automated and Award-Winning IsoLight System.

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