Upcoming Webinar with Lonza & IsoPlexis – The Future of Cellular Immunotherapy: Highly Automated Precision Medicine

IsoPlexis’ IsoLight Single-Cell Proteomics Platform Paired with Lonza’s Cocoon Cellular Therapy Manufacturing System Enable the Next Generation of Precision Medicine

The world of precision medicine is gaining more focus, but challenges in optimization and scalability remain, especially when manufacturing cellular therapies. Two technologies are working together to provide solutions to these challenges, the Lonza Cocoon™ and IsoPlexis’ IsoLight.® Lonza’s Cocoon is an automated, highly flexible cell therapy manufacturing platform, which allows for decentralized manufacturing of novel cell therapies. IsoPlexis’ IsoLight platform provides the tool researchers need for predictive quality analytics and to functionally characterize therapeutics at every stage of the manufacturing process through a fully automated, benchtop functional proteomics system.

In this webinar, learn how Lonza’s Cocoon and IsoPlexis’ IsoLight can be used together to advance the future of cellular medicines. Together, these next-generation platforms provide a solution for complete functional characterization of each cell in a cell therapy product to ensure correlative functional potency of the manufactured cell product. Improved end-to-end automation minimizes the need for human involvement in numerous steps, and the single-cell proteomics system provides functional phenotyping to better characterize the cell therapy product from heterogeneous cell populations.

Register for the webinar here and discuss your research needs with a cellular proteomics expert here.

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