Upcoming Event: Accelerating Targeted Therapies with IsoPlexis’ Intracellular Signaling Omics

Define the Signaling Pathways of Each Single Cell to Identify Resistance and Metastasis

In an upcoming virtual event with BioPharma Dive on Wednesday, December 2nd, we are excited to officially launch our intracellular signaling omics application, which allows users to identify and combat therapeutic resistance pathways by analyzing the phosphoprotein signaling cascades of each single cell. The groundbreaking intracellular signaling omics application allows users to uniquely analyze signaling cascades of many phosphoproteins directly from each single cell, across thousands of single cells in parallel.

Sean Mackay, IsoPlexis’ Co-Founder & CEO, will cover the following topics in this virtual event:

  • Why IsoPlexis’ intracellular signaling omics is a critical tool for the characterization of cancer cell resistance pathways
  • How this unique application facilitates and accelerates the development of durable targeted therapies to overcome resistance
  • How IsoPlexis’ intracellular signaling omics and uniquely automated functional proteomics platform are positively impacting the fields of immune medicine and oncology
  • How high-impact studies published in Cancer Cell, PNAS, and Nature Communications have harnessed this application to predict and target therapeutic resistance in complex metastatic cancers

This virtual event will take place on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, at 2:00 PM EST. Register here to join our mission to harness our most powerful single cells for next-generation precision medicine.

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