Spark the Next Big Breakthroughs in Personalized Immune Medicine with IsoPlexis’ Walk-Away Proteomics Systems

IsoPlexis’ New IsoSpark Makes Highly Multiplexed Functional Single-Cell & Bulk Proteomics Accessible to Every Lab

IsoPlexis launched the IsoSpark and IsoSpark Duo, two new systems for flexible functional immune profiling, last week in two virtual events on November 11th and November 13th. The innovative platform from IsoPlexis has now expanded to offer the same highly multiplexed functional proteomics found in the high-throughput IsoLight system in two additional formats, making the next generation single-cell and bulk proteomics scalable to meet every lab’s needs. The walk-away benchtop platform has a user-friendly interface and IsoPlexis’ re-engineered ELISA technology, enabling it to be fully automated, highly multiplexed, and to provide functional data not previously accessible.

The IsoSpark has a reduced 18-inch footprint and 4-chip capacity, making it perfect for growing companies and academic institutions conducting studies that are running individual samples rather than large clinical trials. Like the IsoLight, the IsoSpark Duo has an 8-chip capacity with greater flexibility, allowing the user to perform functional immune landscaping on multiple different cell types simultaneously. Both the IsoSpark and IsoSpark Duo are fully compatible with the entire suite of IsoPlexis applications and have the same fully automated advanced fluidics and precision imaging as the high-throughput IsoLight. All three systems leverage the same uniquely innovative applications in functional immune profiling, intracellular signaling omics, and high-plex automated immunoassays, accelerating therapeutic development.

Leading institutions worldwide conducting research on overcoming complex diseases have used IsoPlexis’ unique platform to discover predictive functional biomarkers at every stage of development, from pre-clinical small animal research and process development, all the way to patient characterization and stratification during clinical trials. Recently, data from a clinical trial in collaboration with Nektar Therapeutics was released where IsoPlexis’ functional immune landscaping predicted survival in a melanoma study. IsoPlexis’ blood-based biomarker found that at week one, the Polyfunctional Strength Difference of CD8+ T cells from the blood was a highly predictive biomarker of progression-free survival in metastatic melanoma patients, predicting patient response weeks earlier than typically evaluated. This non-invasive biomarker allows researchers to have more time to evaluate new therapeutics if a patient is identified as a non-responder at week one, a huge breakthrough for treating metastatic melanoma. With this finding, IsoPlexis accelerates insights into the path toward overcoming difficult-to-treat cancers such as this one, identifying treatments associated with a durable response in patients.

IsoPlexis’ Walk-Away Proteomics Systems Allow for Accelerated Development of Curative Medicines

As the gold standard for single-cell functional proteomics, IsoPlexis offers a system perfect for every lab’s needs. The platform uniquely addresses the common workflow challenges that delay the drug development process such as extensive training requirements, numerous manual steps, the need for specialized personnel, and slow turnaround of data analysis. IsoPlexis’ technology increases work-away time and decreases instrumentation and personnel requirements, accelerating workflows and timelines for the development of precision medicines. The high-throughput benchtop IsoLight has been utilized by leading pharmaceutical companies and institutions worldwide, including Lonza, Kite Pharma, MD Anderson, Nektar Therapeutics, and Fred Hutch. The third main component of the IsoPlexis platform, the IsoSpeak data informatics software, provides same-day turnaround of publication-ready data visualizations to stratify samples, reveal functional differences, pinpoint biological drivers, and allow better collaboration between research groups. Data from the IsoSpark, IsoLight, or IsoSpark Duo are sent to IsoSpeak while your experiments are still running and are automatically analyzed once the experiment is complete. The IsoSpeak intuitive user interface allows for push-button data visualizations, eliminating the need for specialized personnel, extensive training, and weeks or months of waiting for critical data insights.

At IsoPlexis, our mission is to harness the most powerful cells to personalize immune medicine and make our groundbreaking unique applications accessible to virtually every laboratory worldwide. By studying immune cell subsets, researchers gain insights into which patients will respond to various immunotherapies, and by using data from these cell subsets, we can shift conceptions about how humans mount effective immune responses, including which cells orchestrate a balanced attack. The new compact IsoSpark will expand access to functional proteomics and shift the future of immune medicine, enabling labs worldwide to harness our most powerful cells for critical research insights.

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