Single-Cell Proteomics Grant Challenge: COVID-19

Make Critical COVID-19 Discoveries Through Single-Cell Functional Proteomics

IsoPlexis has announced the Single-Cell Proteomics Grant Challenge: COVID-19. Researchers are invited to submit project proposals that use the IsoLight functional proteomics platform to uncover the underlying mechanisms of COVID-19, accelerating development of vaccines and therapeutics. Two winners will be selected, and each will be awarded 12 free IsoCode or CodePlex chips (one 8 chip kit, one 4 chip kit), along with advanced analysis support, and experimental design consultation from IsoPlexis. A committee will review the proposals and select two winners after the submission period closes. Submit an abstract between August 17 and September 30, 2020. Researchers with winning proposals must complete their experiments by November 30, 2020. To learn more about this grant challenge, visit the link below, where you can also review challenge regulations and submit your abstract.

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Single-Cell Proteomics Grant Challenge: COVID-19
What will you uncover with Single-Cell Proteomics?
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