New Interactive IsoSpeak Demo: Virtually Explore IsoPlexis’ End-to-End Software Suite for Same Day Insights

Make Sense of Complex Single Cell Data & Instantly Analyze Samples with the Click of a Button

IsoPlexis is excited to announce a new feature, the IsoSpeak Guided Tour! Using a demo data set from an internal case study of six CD19 CAR-T cell products, explore some of the powerful data visualizations offered by the software, including the t-SNE and Polyfunctional Heatmap. Track how each cell is functionally communicating, identify polyfunctional cell subsets, and stratify data points from responders and non-responders to connect the dots and reveal functional biological drivers. Easily toggle data sets on and off for instant customization. See how the IsoSpeak plug-and-play software can streamline your data analysis process by taking our interactive virtual tour now, or scheduling a live demo of IsoPlexis’ technology.

Customizable Data Analysis with Award-Winning Visualizations

The IsoSpeak advanced informatics suite helps researchers quickly analyze complex data for next-generation single-cell mapping to advance the future of personalized medicine. With IsoSpeak software, researches can pinpoint each cell’s functional response, identify how the response is influencing the course of therapy for difficult to treat diseases such as blood and solid tumor cancers, and predict what therapies a patient is most likely to respond to. The software uses machine learning techniques to uncover the otherwise hidden critical differences between cells. IsoSpeak contains many advanced visualizations and metrics, including:

  • t-SNE provides a 3D visualization of single-cell functional cytokines and high-dimensional mapping of the unique polyfunctional cell subsets, allowing researchers to easily visualize and differentiate cellular fitness by cytokine subsets and reveal powerful polyfunctional cells to uncover unique correlates
  • Polyfunctional Heatmap uncovers critical cell subpopulations that exist only in the condition or group of interest, to dissect the polyfunctional drivers and subsets
  • Single-Cell Polyfunctional Overview, which visually depicts the polyfunctionality, or percentage of single cells secreting 2 or more cytokines, in the selected samples
  • Single-Cell Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI) accelerates immunotherapy programs from discovery to predicting response by aggregating all single cell multidimensional secretions from a sample into a single index and providing an overall quality metric for each sample, combining the polyfunctionality of the sample with the signal intensities for each single cell across the secreted cytokines of the sample

IsoSpeak’s data visualizations are highly customizable: simply select the drop-down menu under “graph options” to customize your data points. To stratify data points by responders (shown below in orange) vs non-responders (shown below in blue). Users can also compare data points by degree of polyfunctionality or dominant functional groups. When you are finished analyzing your data, easily export the desired type of data directly from the software.

The IsoSpeak software on IsoPlexis’ integrated proteomics platform helps researchers develop solutions to overcome the challenges of the world’s most complex diseases. With IsoSpeak, publication-ready data and reports can be generated in seconds. Check out the IsoSpeak tour to reveal insights and diver deeper into the biological drivers of response in this dataset. To learn more about the IsoSpeak automated informatics software, schedule a live demo of IsoPlexis’ technology.

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