Launch Events this Week: How Harnessing Our Most Powerful Cells is Changing Immune Medicine

Shifting Space & Time with IsoPlexis: Join the Experience

IsoPlexis’ upcoming keynote events with The Scientist (November 11th at 2:30pm EST) and GEN (November 13th at 11:00am EST) this week will highlight how harnessing our most powerful cells with functional proteomics is revolutionizing immune medicine and accelerating the development of lasting, curative therapies. With the release of IsoPlexis’ groundbreaking new applications, IsoPlexis is shifting space and time toward smaller, more focused immune medicines which target small yet powerful immune cell subsets. IsoPlexis’ CEO, Sean Mackay, and featuring Dr. James R. Heath of the Institute for Systems Biology and Dr. Rong Fan of Yale University, will present an informative and educational discussion of the future of immune medicine. Live Q&A sessions will follow each keynote presentation where the audience can submit questions for the experts.

Accelerating Insights: From Months to Days

Immune medicines hold promise as therapies for debilitating disorders such as cancer, infectious diseases, and inflammatory diseases. By studying immune cell subsets, researchers gain insights into which patients will respond to various immunotherapies. To accelerate the timelines for finding cures, scientists use applications that decrease the space and time needed for assays that target single immune cells. The keynote events will focus on how recent advancements now enable every lab to detect and harness powerful, highly active, and highly functional immune cell subsets with IsoPlexis’ platform.

IsoPlexis addresses the pain points that previously limited the accessibility of single-cell functional proteomics. With the platform’s end-to-end automation, same-day data analysis, and highly multiplexed proteomics capabilities, functional proteomics is no longer a  time-intensive process. IsoPlexis’ newest innovations further address researchers’ needs, making the platform flexible enough to fit any lab or industry.

There’s still time to register for both keynote events! Click here to register for the November 11th event with the Scientist. If you’re unable to attend the first event, click here to register for the November 13th event with GEN.

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