IsoPlexis’ Single Cell Functional Proteomics Featured at CAR-T Congress EU

We are excited about a recent presentation at CAR-T Congress EU 2020 in London featuring IsoPlexis’ single cell functional proteomics! There were about 50 people in attendance at this presentation.

Dr. Stefanos Theoharis discussed how the IsoPlexis platform could be used in CAR-T for donor selection. The presentation discussed:

  • The downstream considerations (manufacturing and logistical) when processing different cell types
  • Cell purification methods for different cell types
  • Allogeneic and autologous considerations

IsoPlexis will be at ASCO-SITC from February 6-7 in Orlando, FL and CAR-TCR EU from Febrary 24-27 in London, UK. Hope to see you there!

Speak to a single cell functional proteomics expert today to see how the IsoPlexis platform can help your immunotherapy program and stay tuned for more updates from the IsoPlexis User Network.

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