IsoPlexis Recognized with the Pharma Tech Outlook Cover Story as Top 10 Analytics Solution Provider in 2018

IsoPlexis’ analytics platform was recognized by Pharma Tech Outlook as the cover story for the Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers in 2018! The award focuses on IsoPlexis’ IsoSpeak software suite’s ability to clarify results, reports, and associations from large, complex patient data sets, to deliver better data by which to determine effective cancer immunotherapies. The Pharma Tech Outlook article emphasizes the ability to capture a previously unseen 42 different secreted functional proteins per cell, across thousands of single cells simultaneously. The IsoSpeak software speak was awarded this distinction for the ability to understand the large scale of data generated, which enables researchers to generate a precise, functional patient profile from this data, and compare large groups of patients in a comprehensible and actionable fashion.

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