IsoPlexis & PhenoVista Biosciences Partner to Provide Access to a Comprehensive Range of Cellular Assay Technologies

PhenoVista Biosciences Named Certified Service Provider of IsoPlexis’ Functional Proteomics Technology

PhenoVista Biosciences, a privately-owned service-based biosciences company based out of San Diego, has been named an IsoPlexis Certified Service Provider. PhenoVista Biosciences is now certified to provide the full array of IsoPlexis’ technology to its customers. PhenoVista Bioscience’s unmatched combination of imaging expertise, assay development experience, and latest technologies and data analysis capabilities complement IsoPlexis’ unique proteomic solutions to accelerate critical discoveries in research and medicine.

Established by scientists from MIT and UCSD in 2014, PhenoVista Biosciences helps clients of all sizes from around the world develop and implement imaging-based phenotypic cell assays. The company prides itself on providing clients with assistance from world-class experts in areas such as imaging and assay development, as well as the latest standards in research technology. Now they will be able to include the IsoCode and CodePlex assays for research in the fields of cancer immunology, inflammation, vaccine development, infectious diseases, and cell and gene therapy.

Through this partnership, PhenoVista Biosciences and IsoPlexis hope to define key biological drivers and make critical scientific discoveries. IsoPlexis’ platform can help researchers overcome significant research challenges, enabling groundbreaking discoveries and facilitating the development of effective therapeutics and vaccines. IsoPlexis’ Certified Service Providers are at the top of their fields, helping researchers illuminate the underlying drivers of complex diseases to accelerate research and curative medicines.

Learn more about becoming a Certified Service Provider here.

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