IsoPlexis Named One of Fierce Medtech’s “Fierce 15” Companies of 2020

IsoPlexis Embodies “Fierceness” by Uniquely Driving Convergence of Dynamic Proteomics and Single-Cell Biology

We are excited to announce that Fierce Medtech has named IsoPlexis a Fierce 15 company of 2020, designating it as one of the most promising private companies in the industry. For its 9th annual Fierce 15 selection, Fierce Medtech evaluated hundreds of private companies across the world as contenders. Winners are selected based on factors including technology quality, partnerships, venture backers, and competitive market position. Winners also must embody the spirit of “fierceness,” which Fierce Medtech describes as “championing innovation and creativity, even in the face of intense competition.”

“Each member of this year’s class of Fierce 15 stands out in a different way, but they all overcame a year of unforgettable obstacles, making each of their successes that much more significant — and all have the potential to deliver changes in healthcare that promise to outlast this pandemic.”

– Conor Hale, Associate Editor, Fierce Medtech

IsoPlexis Captures Multi-Omics Reflecting in vivo Biology with Walk-Away Automation to Cut Therapeutic Timelines and Add Efficacy

IsoPlexis enables researchers to access new layers of functional data at the single-cell level to connect more deeply to in vivo biology and predict complex responses to therapies and diseases in cancer immunotherapy, cell and gene therapy, COVID-19, autoimmune diseases, and many other areas. IsoPlexis uniquely detects the highly functional immune cells correlating with prognosis, therapeutic efficacy, persistence, and more. Harnessing the immune system is notoriously complex, and many researchers may believe that obtaining single-cell functional data is expensive and time-consuming. IsoPlexis debunks this myth by addressing common workflow challenges that delay the therapeutic development process, including the need for multiple expensive instruments, laborious manual steps, specialized personnel, and time-consuming data analysis. The platform’s quality analytics are applicable at every stage of development, from pre-clinical small animal research to patient characterization and stratification during clinical trials. Additionally, with the scalable footprint and capacity of the IsoSpark, IsoLight, and IsoSpark Duo proteomics hubs, IsoPlexis expands access to functional proteomics to virtually every lab, accelerating groundbreaking insights.

By choosing IsoPlexis as a stand-out company, Fierce Medtech recognizes IsoPlexis for its innovation and impact on the development of improved treatments for complex diseases including cancers, infectious diseases, and neuroinflammation.

Read more about the high-impact publications featuring IsoPlexis’ technology in this eBook.




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