IsoPlexis, Kite Pharma, Takeda, and Legend Biotech Presented Panel at 2019 CAR-TCR Summit


At this year’s CAR-TCR Summit in Boston, IsoPlexis presented with leaders in the immunotherapy field about strategies needed to maximize the potential of cell therapies and accelerate the drug development pipeline, as well as improving safety profiles of these cell therapy candidates through better characterization of these products and biomarkers for toxicity and immune related adverse effects (IRAEs).

While at this summit, IsoPlexis’ CEO, Sean Mackay, presented a panel alongside Kite Pharma, Takeda, and Legend Biotech.

IsoPlexis Panel, “What is the Optimal T Cell from Clinical Experience?”

To achieve greatest potency and avoid avoid neurotoxicity and other IRAEs, T cells should have intrinsic expansion capability, polyfunctionality, and functional avidity. This panel discussed clinical trial experiences with identifying attributes of a functioning T cell and monitoring persistence and exhaustion to improve selection.

Key topics covered in this panel consist of the following:

  • T cell expansion and polyfunctionality—how to achieve optimal T cell products and how to translate this learning to off-the-shelf T cell products
  • How definitions of product T cell fitness are informative relative to patient outcome and whether this changes when comparing solid versus liquid cancers
  • What the optimal T cell and treatment design is as the move into solid tumors continues
  • What the optimal T cell products look like in different disease settings
  • The challenges involved in manipulating optimal T cells in vivo to improve safety without altering efficacy in a clinical setting

With the above-mentioned challenges in creating T cell products and more, it’s clear that having the ability to functionally characterize cell products would help address many of these difficulties. IsoPlexis’ platform provides deep functional profiling and correlative metrics to patient response. This functional single-cell proteomics allows cell therapy developers to optimize cell product potency during bioprocessing and accelerated decision making through the discovery of critical cell therapy product characteristics.

Stay tuned for our neurotoxicity and neuroinflammation series for more information on how IsoPlexis’ true functional biology can help you optimize your therapeutic product development. In the meantime, check out our “Getting the Most Out of Your CAR-T Bioprocessing with the CliniMACS Prodigy® & IsoCode Single-Cell Chip” blog post and contact a single-cell proteomics expert here to discuss how IsoPlexis can help with your next research project.

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