IsoPlexis’ IsoSpark Wins 2021 BIG Innovation Award

IsoPlexis’ Benchtop Systems Drive Convergence of Dynamic Proteomics and Single-Cell Biology for the First Time

We are excited to announce that The Business Intelligence Group has awarded IsoPlexis’ IsoSpark instrument a 2021 BIG Innovation Award! These yearly awards honor “companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.” The breakthrough IsoSpark personalized proteomics system has all the capabilities and walk-away automation of the original IsoLight hub, with a reduced 18-inch footprint footprint and 4-chip capacity, making it a system for any lab, including personal labs or those without access to a core facility. Facilities running large amounts of samples or conducting immune landscaping can benefit from the IsoSpark Duo, which can run 8 chips and two different panels simultaneously, allowing for complete functional immune landscaping of multiple different cell types. The IsoSpark is a critical tool for researchers studying a variety of cell types to understand protein signaling pathways, activation of cells, and the bases of therapeutic efficacy and resistance to create more precisely tuned therapies. IsoPlexis’ systems drive convergence of dynamic proteomics and single-cell biology for the first time and are creating this deeper connection to accelerate curative medicines.

IsoPlexis Captures Proteomics Reflecting in vivo Biology with Walk-Away Automation to Cut Therapeutic Timelines and Add Efficacy

The functional characterization of immune cells and identification of polyfunctional cells are essential for understanding the relationship between immune cells and cancer cells, improving therapeutic efficacy, and developing immunotherapies. The IsoSpark can uniquely detect highly functional “super cells” to uncover cellular signals or correlative biomarkers by capturing the proteins reflecting and predicting in vivo biology. The IsoSpark makes harnessing the notoriously complex immune system simple by addressing common workflow challenges that delay the drug development process such as extensive training requirements, numerous manual steps, the need for specialized personnel, and slow turnaround of data analysis. Used to investigate cancer immunology, infectious disease and vaccines, cell and gene therapy, inflammation, neurology, and targeted therapies through functional immune profiling, the platform’s quality analytics are applicable at every stage of development, from pre-clinical small animal research and process development, all the way to patient characterization and stratification during clinical trials.

IsoPlexis Provides New & Accessible Layers of Biological Data at the Single-Cell Level

By providing access to highly multiplexed immune biomarkers and other proteomic data to every lab regardless of size or budget, IsoPlexis ensures that these insights can translate to medical breakthroughs much faster, in a more democratized fashion. The revolutionary applications from IsoPlexis have been used to investigate the mechanisms of COVID-19 inflammation, pinpoint an association of upregulated polyfunctional cell subsets in blood with increased immune responses of patients with triple negative breast cancer to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, and identify highly functional and potent immune cell subsets in gene-edited NK cells which correlated to enhanced anti-tumor function and persistence in vivo against leukemia. These applications have also been pivotal in discovering signaling pathways that may provide a new therapeutic target against metastatic cancer cells, uncovering biomarkers that predict patient response to novel engineered therapies focused on anti-tumor effects of ACT (adoptive cell transfer) in humans, and, most recently, identifying a blood-based biomarker which predicted progression-free survival of previously untreated metastatic melanoma patients after one week of treatment. With the IsoSpark system expanding lab access to functional proteomics, we are looking forward to seeing even more groundbreaking insights!

By choosing the IsoSpark as a stand-out technology of the past year out of submissions from organizations from across the globe, the Business Intelligence Group recognizes IsoPlexis for our work accelerating the treatment of complex diseases including cancers, infectious diseases, and neuroinflammation.

To learn more about our unique technology and its applications, visit the IsoSpark page on our website.

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