IsoPlexis Expands the IsoLight Platform to the Chinese Life Science Market Through Partnership with Neoline

IsoPlexis Partners with Neoline to Distribute its Awarding-Winning Single-Cell Proteomics Platform in China

IsoPlexis has announced an agreement with Neoline Technology Co, giving the leading distributor for next generation analytical systems exclusive rights to distribute IsoPlexis’ products in China. Hangzhou Neoline Technology is dedicated to providing cutting-edge scientific instruments to an extensive network of clients across China. The company has over 12 years of experience distributing high-quality technology, products, and services in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields, facilitating clients’ novel research discoveries.

Through this partnership, IsoPlexis’ award-winning IsoLight platform will be available to customers throughout China. IsoPlexis’ platform has a range of applications, facilitating vaccine and therapeutics development as well as biomarker discovery. IsoPlexis is committed to accelerating research in cancer and other diseases. Recently, IsoPlexis’ unique single-cell proteomics has been accelerating COVID-19 research. IsoPlexis is currently part of one of the largest COVID-19 consortiums in the US with patient sample access in Seattle, Washington. Read more about IsoPlexis’ work in COVID-19 and some recent relevant publications here. “With our cooperation with IsoPlexis, we expect the addition of their novel technology to provide Chinese clients with a powerful and highly efficient tool in terms of single cell protein analysis,” said Hu Jun, CEO of Neoline in a press release on the agreement. With this partnership, IsoPlexis and Neoline advance the generation of novel solutions to complex diseases.

To learn more about IsoPlexis’ single-cell  proteomics platform and its role in accelerating vaccine and therapeutic development for infectious disease, download this eBook.


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