IsoPlexis Certified Analyst: Getting Certified on IsoPlexis’ IsoLight System and IsoSpeak Software

Get Certified on Your IsoLight System and Start Generating Next-Gen Functional Data for Your Research

IsoPlexis is excited to announce our IsoU Certification, available for all new and existing IsoLight users! To begin preparing for this certification process, watch our videos and read our preparation materials here.

To become an IsoPlexis Certified Analyst:

  • Verify your training status or schedule training on the IsoLight at your site.
  • Complete the assessments for the IsoLightTM system and IsoSpeakTM software to demonstrate proficiency.
  • Create a sample data report, or submit a report you have previously generated using IsoSpeak software.

Upon completion of the above tasks, you will receive access to the IsoPlexis Kit Promotion Program for Certified Users, an IsoPlexis Certified Analyst certificate, a LinkedIn Badge, IsoPlexis Gear, and other perks (Gold level is obtained by completing the certification process and giving a presentation at your institution, or by submitting a conference abstract or publication with IsoSpeak data).

Ready to begin your certification or looking to learn more? Get started now.

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